Referring Physicians

The Therapy Center of Cedar Point prides itself in aggressive, exercised based physical therapy promoting functional activities, and the patient's re-entry into community based programs. You can feel comfortable referring your patients knowing they will always be treated by a licensed physical therapist, not just in the initial evaluation but during each visit. Our therapists have over 20 years of varied experiences including specialized training in designing orthopedic, neurological and aquatic based programs. Each patient will have the consistency of working with the same therapist for the duration of their formal physical therapy rehabilitation.

Our treatments are exercise and functionally based with the goal of rehabilitating your patient as quickly as medically possible. If you chose to have our physical therapists use your specific protocols for a given condition, rest assured that those protocols will be closely followed.

We currently use electronic documentation and will periodically email or fax progress reports with a final discharge letter when your patient has successfully completed their rehabilitation.

The Therapy Center of Cedar Point looks forward to working with you in the rehabilitation of your patient. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (252) 393-8828, fax (252) 393-7928 or contact through our website.

If you wish to download a prescription form, please do so at the link below:

Prescription Form