About Us

The Therapy Center of Cedar Point is a locally owned full service facility offering comprehensive physical therapy and massage therapy services. All of the therapists and owners live and work in the Cape Carteret -Swansboro area and are actively involved in community activities The team of therapists pride themselves on individualized care and “hands-on” physical therapy.

Since its inception in 2005 The Therapy Center has successfully rehabilitated acute and chronic injuries, ranging from auto accidents to overuse injuries. The Therapy Center is owned and managed by Jim and Lori Tracy who together have a combined 45 years of experience, The Therapy Center is dedicated to and has enjoyed success in providing the highest quality of care in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

The Therapy Center of Cedar Point welcomes clients of all ages from adolescents to adults. Licensed therapists are experienced in treating a variety of conditions including: back pain, post-operative orthopedics, sport related injuries, neurological disorders, vestibular problems and women’s health issues. A comprehensive evaluation will be performed and an individualized treatment plan will be designed and implemented to assist you in attaining your goals. Massage therapy treatments include deep tissue massage, sports specific massage, medical massage and massage for general relaxation tailored to the individual needs of each client. The Therapy Center of Cedar Point also offers aquatic therapy allowing patients to gain the beneficial and therapeutic effects of the water. Resistive and assistive exercise is provided under the direct supervision and instructions of a physical therapists. Sessions are structured to meet the individual needs of the patient.