Physical Therapy Services


Our experienced physical therapists are equipped to provide clients with comprehensive physical therapy services including, but not limited to: orthopedic care, post surgical treatment, neurological care, vestibular rehab, women's health, aquatic therapy, gait training and sports rehab. Our treatment programs are custom designed to restore maximal function, allowing patients to regain independence in mobility and encourage a safe return to community and recreational activities. Treatment usually involves specific therapeutic techniques utilizing state-of-the-art equipment in combination with soft tissue and joint mobilization, pain modalities, stretching and progressive resistive exercise programs. You may require weekly therapy sessions or visits several times per week. While the therapist focuses on treating you and monitoring your progress during visits, patients are encouraged to support their treatment plan at home with a series of specific exercises outlined by the therapist. Participation at home will increase the recovery rate and success of the treatment.

Post Surgical

Our experienced staff will evaluate your specific needs following surgery and implement a treatment plan toward a quick and optimal recovery. Therapists will take into consideration co-morbidities, family and emotional support when designing a customized program in assisting you toward independent function. Treatment may include exercises to restore range of motion, muscle strength, balance, coordination, proper body mechanics, and safety for community ambulation. Our staff understands the pain and healing associated with surgical recovery and will provide every consideration to help you feel comfortable and confident with your care.

Orthopedic Care

Orthopedic physical therapy aids in the treatment of injuries or diseases that affect bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments as well as post surgical. Physical therapy includes evaluation to identify the specific structures causing the pain or impairment and the development of a specific treatment plan to restore normal function. Treatment plans often use various modalities such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, TENS, soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilizations, and muscle strengthening to address each specific goal set forth in the treatment plan.

One of our therapists James Tracy holds an Orthopedic Specialist Certification recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association Board of Physical Therapy Specialists. This designation is granted nationally to physical therapists who have demonstrated advanced clinical knowledge and skill in the measurement and treatment of orthopedic patients.

Neurological Rehab

Neurological rehabilitation is indicated for patients who have suffered spinal cord, strokes and head injuries, as well as those with progressive neuromuscular disorders. Clients often have complicated neurological deficits which may hamper performance in strength, balance, ambulation and coordination; making daily functional tasks more laborious. Proper rehabilitation may assist clients in promoting a higher level of function, increasing safety and improving overall independence.

One of our therapists Lori Tracy holds a Neurological Specialist Certification recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association Board of Physical Therapy Specialists. This designation is granted nationally to physical therapists who have demonstrated advanced clinical knowledge and skill in the management and treatment of neurological patients.

Vestibular Rehab

Vestibular rehab may be indicated for clients who experience dizziness, vertigo, and difficulty in gait and balance. Common vestibular disorders include Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), Menieres, Labyrinthitis, or Vestibular Neuritis. Rehabilitation will work on balance, visual, positional and ambulation techniques to decrease your dizziness and enhance your stability. Treatment may completely resolve the vertigo or educate one in compensation techniques and strategies to improve overall function

Massage Therapy Services

Massage Therapist

James Tracy is both a physical therapist and a licensed massage therapist. This combination allows him to not only provide massage therapy, but to cater the massage to the individual needs of the patient based on their specific diagnosis.

Medical Massage

Requires a signed physician referral and an evaluation of your medical history. A massage plan will be tailored to your specific needs. This massage serves to supplement your current medical care and is not designed to replace it.

Sports Massage

Specific massage tailored to the individual needs of the athlete. It is intended to provide pre-event readiness as well as post event recovery.

Deep Tissue Massage

Designed to relieve severe tension and trigger points in muscle and connective tissue. It focuses on the deep tissue and is recommended for individuals who experience constant pain, are involved in heavy physical activity, or have sustained a physical injury. It can be focused on a specific body area or combined with a full body massage.


1 hour massage $60
½ hour massage $35

Gift certificates for massage are available for purchase in our clinic.  We accept cash, checks and major credit cards.