Physical Therapy Patients

Please bring your insurance card and prescription written by your referring physician. If you don't have a referral and your insurance company requires you have one; please click here to download our prescription form for your doctor to sign.

Please dress appropriately i.e. (if you are being seen for a knee injury please wear or bring shorts)

Prepare to spend a full hour with us on your first visit. We will be performing a comprehensive evaluation and initiate a treatment program including home exercises to help you manage your condition, all on the first visit!

If you have a deductable or co-pay, please be prepared to make a payment on your first visit. We accept Visa and Mastercard, personal checks, and cash. If you have not spoken with our office about your insurance benefits, please be sure to call us with your insurance information before your first visit. It is your responsibility to understand your benefits; but, as a courtesy we will assist you in verifying them should you need assistance. More insurance information can be found below.

Please print, read and sign each of the following four documents and bring them to your first appointment OR arrive 20 minutes early to fill out this paperwork in our office. ALL PAPER WORK MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO YOUR FIRST VISIT.

Please take the time to read the HIPAA Privacy Act Information Form carefully as it pertains to your rights and privacy at the Therapy Center of Cedar Point.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Patient Forms

Patient Insurance Information

Our Insurance Policy

The Therapy Center of Cedar Point accepts most major insurances companies including: Medicare, Blue Cross & Blue Shield and Tri-Care. Most health insurance coverage will cover your physical therapy treatment if deemed medically necessary but may not cover all procedures - whenever we are aware of a procedure that we think would be helpful for your condition but is not or may not be a covered service you will be given the choice as to whether you would like to pay for the procedure yourself or decline the procedure in question.

Please call your insurance carrier directly to see what your specific plan covers and what is necessary for maximum allowable benefits.

The Therapy Center of Cedar Point will send your insurance claims to the address provided on a weekly basis. Most insurance companies require a Doctors referral, often time's pre-certification is necessary; If this is the case with your policy, you should have your physician forward the referral to our office.

It is your responsibility to call your insurance company to check on the coverage provided by your individual policy.

If we have not received payment from your insurance carrier within 60 days, we expect payment from you directly. Your insurance contract is between you and your carrier - we submit claims as a courtesy to you. You are directly responsible for your payment of our services.